Naked In Front Of Life

Fear makes us hide emotions, to show courage even when we can’t stand it. We miss the approval of others so much that we hide within us everything we don’t think others will accept; but so do others. Maintaining the role of an acceptable person is very heavy and it eats up a big slice of our happiness. As we stop and begin our journey to ourselves, those hidden fears begin to unfold on the subconscious side.The reasonable thing to do is to welcome whatever it is. Dare to be honest with yourself and find understanding and strength within. I want to know what limits my life and recognize all the factors in it. And well, let my wish come true.

At first, things are tricky to understand, but gradually you find yourself grasping why different challenges are being put forward. I chose to learn so I learned. The universe serves as a means of noticing what concepts have been associated with their own self-image. It exposes them by bringing forward people and situations that show them to us. The problems of the world are to be found in ourselves. It just has to be accepted. Sounds easy, but in practice requires practice.

I’ve done all sorts of things in my life. Been in different fields and learned things quickly. Still something was missing. I had not found my inner passion. The fire that makes you do the same things over and over again no matter what. So I searched and searched. Now I only know that the reason was that I hadn’t found myself yet. That fire can be found inside. It is a fire of life towards oneself. Gratitude for being able to experience the diversity of this life. Only then can one understand the meaning beyond oneself.

Now I’m doing what gives the content. What makes content possible is being able to share an understanding of what has helped myself. Giving something that might help others. All that matters is what we can do in front of each other.

True honesty to oneself is only found through self-identification. Only then can you recognize that you are sincere in your life.

Now it’s good to raise money. It is the largest and most challenging self-image builder in this world. Everything is so tied to that concept that not even one person notices it. The value of everything is measured through money and its lack makes people feel worthless. One thread at a time has been plucked from my life away from the factors to which my ego was attached. I have been a stubborn learner, so it is clear that education has also been stubborn. It takes a decent blow to the back of the head before you notice it.

If I do something to get something, I do things for a purpose. Instead, you must first find within you a sincere desire to give and share something valuable to others and enjoy the journey that rewards the end result. Not what he does but what he does for what reasons. It is not quite easy, especially if the economic situation is weak. How in the world can you not think about a lack when there is a lack right now?

It can only be found by accepting what is. By fully accepting that there is nothing now and it is not known if the situation will change. At the same time, we need to find the feelings that awaken to that lack. Possibly worthlessness, inadequacy, inferiority, etc. Those feelings reveal that I have attached my own value to the material. Money is nothing more than any other matter. Who I am will be preserved even if the world takes me away. You have to get so clean.

Right now in the morning, I sit and write this. I see the route to how I came here. I understand what life has taught. It has required tremendous humility to life itself, having always been the “I can handle myself” type.  Friends have helped at times and it has revealed how hard it is to receive help. This again shows that our own world of values ​​has been completely caught up in the wrong things. Love and respect for yourself is the first thing to fix.

Gradually learn to accept what is. I don’t know anything about the future yet. Nevertheless, I accept what is. I don’t know how things will turn out, but that’s the nature of life. We never really know. We try to know and force things into something, but it just makes the road heavy. It’s important to know what you want, but you have to let go of the trip. We can’t know how it’s going to happen.

Now I look at the situation so that I am grateful to be able to do what I have been directed to and give something to others. What it takes or what it brings is completely beyond my knowledge. And I accept it. The fall of goals or any other event or thing in life never makes a person bad or unsuccessful. All events happen just to make us learn and realize that we have been aiming for somewhere we are not meant to go. They make us notice if we act with the wrong intentions and selfish starting points. One event contains many messages.

Man is constantly worried about everything. Stress on the slightest thing. All of this is because we do not accept what is and try to change it to something else. But that is not changing right now. In order for it to even change, its effort to change must be dismantled at this very moment. It is necessary to accept what is. Only then is it free to change.

We can face life with all its situations from peace when we accept what it is. Sure, we may not approve either, but it makes the trip painful. What is right now will not change in the moment even if we experience and think about what. Therefore, it is wisest to see it as it is and let it be.

I do what I can, but I do it out of fearlessness. It’s just something I follow and curiously follow where everything leads. Suffering comes only from a misconception and an interpretation of the situation we believe in.

You have to dare to be naked in front of life. Without cover stories and presentation. You have to be good enough for yourself. Only then is it free and then conditions are not an obstacle to happiness. What no one else thinks of me can ever take away the value that each of us has.

Only I can define myself.

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