Consciousness Is Changing-Have you noticed??

It is now very difficult to envelop any more in the veils of chance or denial.
Humanity is changing at an accelerating pace and it is almost impossible not to know it.
I call for change to awaken from the sleep state of humanity, where thinking has been a believed truth.
Now things no longer work that way. Everything we feel and sense can no longer be described in old words with their meanings. It feels as if the memorized world of thought has become utterly inadequate, and sentences are not born to really describe anything, as before.

At my point, the process started years ago, but it is progressing step by step and only now is there enough clarity and some idea of ​​what is going on. It often happens that we are kind of jerked off from the outside world and emotional states force us to stop and explore our inner world.
Every emotion and associated entrusted story is brought to the surface for questioning.
Ego-based thinking is crushed piece by piece until personality and reaction ultimately prove to be produced by mere imaginary thinking.

It could be described as something that turns inward and breaks the old way of living through the external. There will be a grapple that tears you away from the outside life and a voice that says that you are now sitting in it until you realize what is not. That stop and command cannot be overcome by willpower but must humbly accept everything that is served. Since then, the serving has certainly not been uplifting or even desirable. It then sits and notices that all that made the interest to wake up and go after the goals disappear one object at a time.  Sounds awesome, everyone would definitely like to wake up.  And while you’re in it you can’t help but wonder where people are digging for their enthusiasm, their joy and interest in socializing and doing things. It all starts to feel completely foreign. Not at all able to understand how to get interested or even participate in discussions.

There will come a time when you will feel like you are on a different planet even though seemingly everything looks the same. Life isolates from the rest and in those times many even feel panicked, feel deep depression, exclusion and fear of what is happening. This is because in our learned norms, such a person is not healthy and others readily interpret the situation as indifference and such that the person is not interested in them.
However, this is not the case. Waking up is not an easy process. It requires the disintegration of all the old, and no straw can be clung to the former. Everything you try will eventually break.
What makes it scary is that we are facing something completely unknown. There is no guarantee of replacement or nothing. Should a possible change bring something better or is something even more unpleasant to be expected and in the worst case, we think there will be no life left at all.

However, all of this is just what the opportunity for change requires. It is also a very lonely stage. There are not many people to whom you can describe that these energies are now so powerful that they are about to collapse beneath them. They bring out all the old traumas, beliefs and perceptions on an emotional level and in some places the ability to function is completely zero. Here the separateness is torn away so the little one happens to give up on himself. Many have certainly tried to open up to the matter only to find that the listener is either rolling his eyes or directing a professional helper to the reception. The body experiences this change as well. It is the most intense part of our energy experience and even changing it can cause a wide variety of symptoms.
I already recognize that feelings are a relevant part, and it is no longer the first thing that comes to mind to seek medical packages.

Physical and emotional symptoms may include the following:

-old ailments appear even if they have been in the pose for a long time
-sensitivity to sounds and noise. They cause cacophony more sensitively than before.
-the ears ring loudly occasionally
– sleep may be full of vivid dreams and on the other hand it may be difficult to get to sleep. Waking up in chunks, but despite the night’s sleep fluctuations, it doesn’t cause fatigue until the next day.
-eating habits may change. I’m not talking about diets but just a natural craving for different foods. Energy waves feel strong and cling to those patterns of interpretation that we have not yet dismantled.
At one point, the feeling of calm may turn angry and the bustle of thought sweeps up the explanations at a passionate pace. However, when not attached to this but allowed and surrendered, it continues its journey quite quickly.
-other variations may occur completely randomly and for no particular reason. Then you shouldn’t even go looking for an explanation for thinking, because there are only explanations based on the past that are of no use in these.
memory does not work as before. It feels like you can’t extract information from memory for even the simplest of daily chores or conversations. For the most part, I have to answer that I don’t know.
-many things and perceived conversations seem incomprehensible. You can no longer get caught up in the themes that drive grievances and don’t even want to participate in them.
-feeling crazy is common. Everything feels so chaotic in some places on the level of thought and emotion that you no longer know how to approach it.
-interest in things and things that used to be meaningful and important have lost their meaning. That interest simply cannot be found no matter how you search. There is only an empty farm to try with ashes.
-feeling the energies of the body may be so clear and intense in places that it is almost unbearable to endure.
-you may experience days when there is a flow, happiness and a feeling of freedom when everything goes smoothly and nothing seems to disturb it. In the second moment, it’s all gone and you’re in complete pregnancy and dissatisfaction, from which you don’t even want to remember anything else you even had.
When the situation changes again, one wonders what happened and where it came from.
-Maybe you miss social company and at the same time you want to be at ease. The paradox of decency, by the way, may seem to have drifted out of the rest of humanity and is all alone. And on the other hand, that’s exactly what you want. It’s not about not caring about others, but one’s own state doesn’t know how to be in one’s current state in dealing with others. Communication doesn’t meet because it feels like you can’t participate and actually express anything verbally.
-When the energy is strong, headaches, pitting, joint waves and the feeling of electricity in the body can occur for several days.

Here are just a few of the observations I have experienced but also heard from several quarters around the world. On the same days, completely identical descriptions of the moods.
I am no longer the first to wonder what vitamins are missing, whether to go to the doctor or that there is something wrong with me. I just recognize the feelings and let them manifest as they manifest. They pass by themselves as the body gets used to its new energies. Change is always felt.

So life has changed strongly from an attempt at thinking and understanding to a purely sensory experience. The way you approach and see things has changed completely. Before, I listened to words and created my perception based on thought, but today I see energetic information through the senses.
It goes through what words cannot describe or where words do not correspond to a real internal message.
Therefore, commenting and participating in the form of words, especially in writing, is very challenging.

Stories are always opinions and individual interpretations of something perceived, but those experiences are for man himself. We easily try to find more emotions by thirsting for the experiences of others and through that, imagining what it might feel like. We really hunt for emotions to identify with, but at the same time we burden our thinking with something that is not part of our own experience. The more stories we collect, the more our minds revolve around things.

I bring this up because I know and believe that there are a huge number of others who experience the same, but the prevailing trend is to be social and find something to say and some opinion and story to share with others. Otherwise, we feel that we are not accepted. We fear that we will no longer belong and that we will be forgotten. This is actually what happens, but in terms of awakening, it serves. We need to realize our own needs to be accepted so that we can identify and get rid of them. We have to notice our dependence on others and see how lonely it is to be scary. It all needs to be experienced in order to get rid of it. Not that we try to escape our feelings by fleeing to do something or other people, but by allowing our feelings. Don’t know us the way

So I’ve drifted out of the social world. I have been in my place for a long time and figured out all the inner tricks of the mind. Gradually, a return to the world is timely. The sign is that some things are starting to get interested again. Not many, but even some. The difference is that the interest is completely different. It is not based on any goals, addictions, needs even for people.
It springs from the mere joy of doing and what it brings when it comes is completely shrouded in the unknown.
No plans, a fully booked calendar, no pre-arranged appointments but everything happens when there is to happen. Life flows more freely when the separate self is no longer imagining responsibility for everything.

Where everything  leads is completely unknown. I can’t know anything beyond this moment. It doesn’t exist yet.
The excitement and meaning of the game of life lies in the fact that we do not know in advance. We can imagine knowing and thinking we can dictate what will happen, but in reality we can throw a wish into the air and see if it manifests and if so how and when. Rarely, however, does anything go exactly as we had imagined.

The energies of the moment make you feel sensitive as if you were in the wind and there is no information about the direction. That’s the way it is now, and you shouldn’t worry about it. Everything settles down with time as we adapt to a new kind of model of humanity with more awake consciousness.

If you have perceived similar things, albeit possibly a little in your own ways, then remember that we experience life as a whole, where everything affects everything and everything perceived is perceptible and by no means merely the experiences of the imagined self. Look around you and listen to the observation time of others. Do you recognize the same themes that are surprisingly active in different people at the same time.
By observing, we can see the factors that emerge as a whole and detach ourselves from separateness and stop hiding our feelings when we realize that we really are not the only ones who notice these facts.


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