Are You Waking Up?

Time and energies are now pushing human consciousness to a new level. We have drifted into life through the concepts and interpretations created by our minds to the point that we hold the world of thought to be true.
We believe in our thoughts about reality, and we no longer realize that thought is only a jointly agreed means of communication and not reality.

As energies push for an increase in consciousness, people increasingly experience chaos as well as nausea. This is because we hold on to old interpretations and perceptions of what these feelings mean. We look for a reason for our feelings from outside ourselves and feel that someone or something is causing them for us. In reality, we sense changing energies that our bodies and minds are not used to. If we continue to explain things as always, the pain will increase.
The old means no longer work.

In order for a new kind of interpretation and understanding to flow from within us, we must first stop to question the old way in which we are used to explaining things. What we believe in and focus on is increasing. In this way, we hang on to what we don’t want. Now is the time to throw aside the guilt, the good person’s perceptions of what others think and our thoughts of what we imagine we are.
Those old coping mechanisms that were once necessary are now just a burden.
They no longer survive by those means. You have to be honest with yourself as well as others. Authenticity is unpretentious.

Man has been living in a sleepy state of mind long enough and now is the time to see and experience real life.
Awakening is a hellish process and has nothing to do with eloquent spiritual pursuits. It is not about developing positive thinking or sailing as a ball of love. Above all, it has nothing to do with self-development. In the awakening, what itself thought it was is destroyed, and the mind does not give up its role as the maintainer of me without real struggle.

The power of the mind has kept people in check for millennia, so getting rid of it does not go through bliss.
Awakening takes us to the deepest and darkest corner of the human mind. It leads directly to all of our worst fears, both individually and collectively. Nothing can be swept under the rug or passed, but everyone must face and experience everything directly as it is brought to be experienced.
The notion of awakening never matches what it really is. It’s a devastating process where you think you won’t survive. And it is not clear to me who experiences it. It is the emptying of everything old and the destruction of the whole belief system. Nothing is what it is thought to be.

Many are experiencing these arousing energies now, even if they do not perceive them as such. Without an understanding of what it is all about, you may feel irritated, angry, experiencing a lot of fears, experiencing hopelessness, depressing, and increasing dissatisfaction. All of these feelings are easily given the old accustomed explanation that something is wrong. The body also becomes more symptomatic in the form of various ailments. The body is a dense accumulation of energy and the change is painful. Without an understanding of what is going on, we identify with our thoughts and feelings and they take us as we go.

Everything leaves your mind. Knowing how it works and how it creates distinctiveness and makes ourselves a separate person. It’s all a misunderstanding we’ve learned from generation to generation. If you are tired enough of yourself and ready to wake up, you must first question your whole thinking.
If I am not my thoughts, feelings, or body, where can I be found?
As long as thought determines our nature, we live without help as prisoners of opinions and feelings.
Awakening does not happen until it is ready. Not by developing a better version of itself, but by questioning the whole imaginary existing version.

The first key is in observing thinking. Consciousness takes the first step towards change when it becomes aware of the voice in its head. One who unceasingly explains everything observed. It criticizes, criticizes, selects, compares, likes or dislikes, and thinks it knows something. Regardless of the story, it’s constantly in voice.
Stop watching. Notice that thinking manifests itself and become aware that you are the one who observes it, but you are not equal to your thoughts. If you were, how could you observe them?
Investigate where thoughts come from. Where have you got the opinions and insights that the stream of thought serves?
Thoughts are just a self-repeating story whose patterns have been learned from the outside during life.
So you can’t trust the content they provide. It’s like a leftover recorder that can’t be stopped.
Observe Do you like your thoughts. Do you really want to think the way you think and do you feel good?

While the story continues to revolve, you can still become aware of its imaginary nature and find that it is not personal. Step past the thinking and move deeper into the state of being. To this moment of presence from which thinking knows nothing. If you observe and become more aware of your thinking, you will soon find that no situation or other person is actually causing your bad conditions. Feeling unwell comes only as a result of your own thoughts. Not an event or situation, but a flow of thought towards it. Almost all of our resentment or dissatisfaction comes from simply believing the story that our own mind produces about it. Without defining thinking, things would not affect our balance.

Awakening begins when you realize that the mind built by you is only a conditioned imagination that is not based on anything other than the concepts learned. It’s just an idea we’re identified with.
It is an identity that depends only on thoughts.
For insight to take place, all thoughts must be questioned. We must open up to the possibility that we have misunderstood ourselves. That life as we are accustomed to define it is only a distorted picture of reality reflected through the lenses of the mind.

Maintaining roles and seeking approval is heavy to maintain. Where pleasure takes strength, so does criticism of everything. If you only see grievances in the behavior, words, and actions of others, you will actually only see what you are reflecting on there. You describe your own incomprehension more than anyone else. When one realizes that the reality experienced by everyone is completely different, grace enters the picture of oneself and others. Understand that there is no common standard of action, but that everyone expresses the ways they have learned in their lives. For everyone, that is exactly the way they have learned to be real as long as they believe in it.

If we spend our time updating that how someone can act as it does, we still don’t understand anything about the functioning of the human mind. Then our selfish minds thirsting for separateness and peculiarity will make us still identify with ourselves and consider our own perspective wiser, smarter, and self-evidently justified.
In reality, we reveal our own incomprehension and unconsciousness, by no means to anyone else.

If you want to get out of the prison of the mind and wake up from the sleep of the mind to see things as they are, start by observing your thought patterns and questioning them all. Don’t let your old beliefs justify your use of them. Observe your emotional states and notice even the slightest nuance differences when your thoughts appear. If you notice irritation or any degree of resentment or dissatisfaction, you have already done something with your thoughts that is not. Opinion never determines anything real. Neither myself nor others.

The prevailing energies no longer support the old patterns offered by the mind. Their maintenance is becoming increasingly difficult. Physical explanations for things no longer serve. Communication is becoming increasingly difficult and misunderstandings are increasing. This is only because we are being taken for a change that we oppose. Our identity is so attached to old familiar thought patterns that we hang in our knowledge to the last.
Let go and look. Consciousness guides and sustains our existence like everything else that manifests itself. Man is the only part of the whole who has imagined himself, a separate quorum unit. That great gift, the ability to think, has turned against our reality.
The next stage in the evolution of evolution is to awaken from the power of the mind. It is accessible to everyone.

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