Why (some) men/white people are really angry…

The short answer…because they are stupid.

See, they have this idea in their heads that any right given to someone else is taken away from them.

Giving black people the ‘right’ to drink from whatever water fountain they wanted meant taking away the ‘right’ of white people to have a water fountain from which they can exclude people.  Thus, giving a ‘right’ to black people meant taking away a ‘right’ of white people.  Letting black people sit where they wanted on the bus meant white people lost their ‘right’ to the preferred seating.

Ridiculous?  Absolutely, and a few decades after Rosa Parks, the vast majority of folks can see that.

Except…they can’t.

Because making a video game with a female protagonist means one less video game with a male protagonist.  Welcoming a woman into a poker game means one less chance a man will walk home with winnings.  Putting a woman on a panel means that there is one less man on the panel.

So by giving to women…we take from men.  Just as by giving to blacks, we take from whites.

By making it so women can enter a location without fear of harassment or abuse, we take away from men their ‘right’ to an exclusive place.

By expecting men to treat women with respect, we take away from a man their higher social rank that was kept by putting women in their place.  No matter how low on the totem pole of men a particular guy was, he still had something because he was better than a woman by sheer issue of having a penis.  But now…that’s not true anymore.  Now if he ‘puts a woman in her place’, she dares to object.  To keep that same feeling of special rank, he now has to expend even more effort to put her in her place or at least make her go away so he can keep his fragile status intact.

Making it truly a game based on merit brings home, for some men, the very real possibility that they don’t actually deserve and aren’t actually entitled to the status they possess.

It’s really that simple – fear, masquerading as anger, is the reason for the hatred and bile directed at feminists.

© 2013, Within this mind. All rights reserved.

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I am a student at the University of Phoenix majoring in information technology. This is where I come to babble incoherently…err…make notes, talk about things that catch my interest, share ideas, etc...
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