Why I am modded on What Privilege or Hathor’s Legacy

Jenn sent me this blatantly hypocritical email:

“You’re now on the mod queue, and I wanted to be very clear why. Your last comment broke a number of rules. You were being inflammatory and trying to bait me all through it. You twisted my words. You very clearly implied I was irrational. Rather than respond, I deleted both comments. Throughout this debate, I responded to you in an adult fashion, but your last comment was pure childishness.  But just so you know, this isn’t the first time putting you on mod queue has been discussed. You lack respect for other commenter’s opinions and worldviews, and you show your disrespect without consideration for their feelings.  You’re still welcome to comment. We’ll just be reviewing your comments to make sure they meet our standards before we post them.

Jennifer Kesler

Editor-in-Chief, The Hathor Legacy”

She sent a follow up:

Sorry, I should have clarified – I’m referring to your last comment on What Privilege, but the mod status applies to both blogs (we always do that).

Jennifer Kesler

Editor-in-Chief, The Hathor Legacy


These are the comments she deleted:

Comment 1:

Basically, you’d prefer I use the word unreasonable even though it has the same definition and is a synonym for irrational.  That’s fine, you are welcome to your opinion. It is however, merely your opinion.
I offered narcotics and alcohol as an example of a situation in which a person might become irrational. I did not say every person, and I did not say every time. I used the word ‘may’. I also used the word ‘incapacitated’. If you do not become incapacitated by drugs or alcohol, then it doesn’t apply to you, but that doesn’t mean it can’t apply to others. And while you may not feel you were irrational, I wonder what an objective observer would think? One common side effective of being irrational is not realizing you are being irrational.
It is my opinion that all people have times in their lives or beliefs which can cause them to act irrationally. I can cite such in every person I know. Religion is a common one. Politics can be another source of cognitive dissonance that can make a person act irrationally. Familial relations is another common one, and a trap I’ve fallen into before. Looking back I can clearly see how I should have known I was going to get completely screwed but ‘you should love and care for them because they are family’ is a good ideal to have. It’s just members of my family are batshit, entitled, violent, aggressive, toxic, rude, mean, cruel, illogical, irrational. They have ideas that are absurd, nonsensical, half-ass, ridiculous, ludicrous, full of shit, bullshit. They are vile. And yes, I will go as far as to say at times crazy and deranged and it is my firm belief that if certainly family members were placed under the care of a psychiatrist the medical industry would agree with me. I
usually describe them as ‘completely fucked up’ as that term seems more encompassing of the magnitude of their issues.
But since they haven’t gotten caught breaking any laws, they are allowed to continue to masquerade as ‘normal’. And there are people out there who know them and still think there is something wrong with me because I didn’t want these people invited to my wedding because ‘they are faaaaaaaaaamily’.
Logic-free shit. Irrational. I explain the reasons and they’ll acknowledge it, then I end up hearing it again.
For even more examples of how people act irrationally, try this blog here – http://thehathorlegacy.com/ . It does an excellent job of explaining how Hollywood is completely irrational when it comes to making films with female leads. The writer of the blog does an excellent job of discussing why such is completely illogical and irrational.
I’ll keep using that word. I think it means what I think it means.

Comment 2:

As for the not always bad part:
There is nothing ‘rational’ about imbibing in alcohol. It clouds judgment. Logically, I shouldn’t allow myself to be in a situation in which my physical and mental capacities are compromised on any level. For basic survival purposes, that’s not a particularly good condition to be in. But I refuse to let logic steer me from the choice that feels good. So, is it bad to have a couple rum and cokes while I watch my friends watch the Superbowl (speaking of irrational things )
As long as it’s not taken to extremes, being a little irrational on this issue isn’t a bad thing.

The entire convo is saved in PDF form: Replacing “crazy” for ablei.

© 2011, Within this mind. All rights reserved.

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3 Responses to Why I am modded on What Privilege or Hathor’s Legacy

  1. sashaNo Gravatar says:

    That happened to me the first time I commented on her site. Some people can’t be disagreed with, I guess.

  2. sashaNo Gravatar says:

    …and UGH. This kind of censorship is so childish.

  3. CeriNo Gravatar says:

    I’m blocked for asking her to please stop saying that ‘Delusions of Grandeur’ was equivalent to ‘acting like an arsehole’, from that crappy page about words to use instead of ‘crazy’. She disagreed with me, which is fine, but she lied and lied and LIED, which is less fine. Jennifer Kesler is either a pathological liar, extraordinarily stupid, or both.