Werewolves in Elevators

There is such a thing as werewolves.  They look like perfectly ordinary human beings, save that on average, they are larger and stronger than you are.  But still, they are kind of hard to pick out of a crowd because they do look like an ordinary person.

There are a few minor tells.  Werewolves tend to be a bit more aggressive than people.  They are prone to invading your personal space, and feel entitled to take things out of your hands. They have a tendency to ignore or deliberately misinterpret subtle social cues.  They are occasionally blatant about their desire to eat you.  Often they’ll demand something from you first, to make you easier prey.  A conversation or a token, some interaction so they can get a feel for how you’ll taste.  If the slightest opportunity exists, they’ll try to get you back to their dens.

And, should they not get their way, they turn into raging, ferocious beasts that can overpower you with little effort and savage you. Their fellow werewolves will howl and cheer, making a ferocious racket to remind everyone else that they too, at any time, could be the victim of a werewolf.

Your only hope, when dealing with a werewolf, is to have a means of escape (and don’t forget, werewolves are often quite good at tracking their prey!) or to hope that there are enough bystanders nearby that will come to your aid to drive the werewolf away.

It’s hard, living in that kind of fear.  To know that the person sitting next to you on the bus could turn out to be a werewolf.  And let’s not forget, lycanthropy is contagious.  Someone you’ve known and trusted, even loved, for years could very well turn into a werewolf.  And you’ll never know, until it is too late.

Because they look like perfectly ordinary people.

Imagine it.  Think on it long, and hard.  Think of how you would feel, day to day, knowing that the next person walking up to you could be a werewolf.  Could be a person just looking for directions.  But it could be a werewolf.  Until the fangs and fur come out, all you have to go on is that they look just like an ordinary person approaching you.  And once the fangs and fur come out….it’s too late.

Silver and crosses are no guarantee.  Might drive some types of werewolves off, but it attracts others.  Werewolves aren’t limited to darkness or the full moon, either.   Everyone will encounter a werewolf in their lives.  At least one in six fail to escape from their encounters unscathed.   Could be as many as one in thirty people are werewolves.

What kind of terror would you live in, if there were werewolves?

Would you be uncomfortable if someone approached you, without invitation, and invited you back to their den for a taste?

© 2011, Within this mind. All rights reserved.

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