Visual Basic Naming Conventions

Prefix    Object Type                           Example
ani       Animation button                      aniMailBox
bed       Pen Bedit                             bedFirstName
cbo       Combo box and drop down list box      cboEnglish
chk       Checkbox                              chkReadOnly
clp       Picture clip                          clpToolbar
cmd (3d)  Command button (3D)                   cmdOk (cmd3dOk)
com       Communications                        comFax
ctr       Control (when specific type unknown)  ctrCurrent
dat       Data control                          datBiblio
dir       Directory list box                    dirSource
dlg       Common dialog control                 dlgFileOpen
drv       Drive list box                        drvTarget
fil       File list box                         filSource
frm       Form                                  frmEntry
fra (3d)  Frame (3d)                            fraStyle (fra3dStyle)
gau       Gauge                                 gauStatus
gpb       Group push button                     gpbChannel
gra       Graph                                 graRevenue
grd       Grid                                  grdPrices
hed       Pen Hedit                             hedSignature
hsb       Horizontal scroll bar                 hsbVolume
img       Image                                 imgIcon
ink       Pen Ink                               inkMap
key       Keyboard key status                   keyCaps
lbl       Label                                 lblHelpMessage
lin       Line                                  linVertical
lst       List box                              lstPolicyCodes
mdi       MDI child form                        mdiNote
mpm       MAPI message                          mpmSentMessage
mps       MAPI session                          mpsSession
mci       MCI                                   mciVideo
mnu       Menu                                  mnuFileOpen
opt (3d)  Option Button (3d)                    optRed (opt3dRed)
ole       OLE control                           oleWorksheet
out       Outline control                       outOrgChart
pic       Picture                               picVGA
pnl3d     3d Panel                              pnl3d
rpt       Report control                        rptQtr1Earnings
shp       Shape controls                        shpCircle
spn       Spin control                          spnPages
txt       Text Box                              txtLastName
tmr       Timer                                 tmrAlarm
vsb       Vertical scroll bar                   vsbRate

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