The idiocy of the detractors of Atheism+

In this post, I gave a brief summary of my journey to atheism –

Here –

One idiot gave this genius response –

“Then you did it wrong.
Your emotional argument that you didn’t like what your religion had to say about social issues is not a valid concern for Atheism.

Atheism addresses the existence of god, not if god is a dick, immoral, if Christianity is a good/bad belief-system or if social justice should or shouldn’t be applied to society.

So you didn’t like what your religion had to say about women, social justice, food, idk, take a pick.
That is the shittiest reasoning to join Atheism.

Atheism informs nothing, stop trying to tell us that it does.”

Yep.  You heard it here folks.  We are ‘doing atheism wrong’.  I mean, how dare we tell other folks how to do atheism?  Don’t we know we are supposed to do atheism their way or we are doing it wrong!  And stop trying to tell them what to do, you are making it too hard for them to yell you what to do.  Because if you have a problem with the take of religion on human rights, you just need to pick a different religion.  :::snickers::: sorry, I had trouble typing that with a straight face.  The cognitive dissonance is strong in these ones.

I did have to thank this particular idiot.  After all, in a nutshell, he beautifully demonstrated all that is ridiculously stupid about the ‘detractors’ of atheism plus.

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