That’s not privilege

Recently, I was accused of being privileged because I was not sympathetic to the plight of a meth addict/dealer.  I thought about this, and came to a simple conclusion.


That’s not privilege.

You can find addicts in every walk of life.  And when you look at them, you realize one simple fact.  They made the choice to walk that path.

Blah blah society, blah blah pressure, blah blah blah.  Unless someone threatened them with bodily harm if they didn’t shoot up or held them down and forced the needle into their veins, they had a choice.  It’s not like there is a biological imperative to do drugs.  It’s not like people are born with an inherent urge to do drugs.  It’s a choice.

Sure, your life sucks.  Doing drugs isn’t going to improve your life.  It’s going to do the exact opposite and if you believe otherwise you are stupid.  Dumb I sympathize with.  Stupid I have nothing but contempt for.

It’s a choice to start.  And it’s a choice to continue.  Treatment and help exist.  It’s hard.  I get that.  But it’s not impossible.  People do it every day.

And I’ve got even less sympathy for people who make it to day 50 and then decide to shoot up / have a drink.  You made it to 50.  Is 51 so hard?  You made it to 99.  Why break down on 100?  You’ve already detoxed by that time.  The shakes are over.  At this point, you have no excuse.  It’s just weakness.  It’s your choice.

So you can’t get a job because you can’t pass a drug test.  Boo hoo, whose fault is that?  ‘The Man’ isn’t keeping you down.  You are.  You made your choice, and you aren’t entitled to cry on my shoulder.  And your inability to get a job is your excuse for dealing.  And I’m not supposed to point out how fucked up that is?

You want my sympathy?  Quit.  As long as you are on the path to sober living, I will help you every step of the way.  But if you aren’t willing to take those steps and walk that path, you aren’t entitled to my sympathy, my compassion, or my support.  I don’t care if it is pouring rain and you are hungry.  If you aren’t quitting, you don’t come under my roof.  The most I will do for you is call the cops to take you to jail/a shelter.  You made your choice.  You are your own problem now.

My sanity is worth more to me than your addiction.

And don’t pull the ‘what about my kids’ guilt trip on me?  If you cared about your kids, you’d quit or give them up to somebody who isn’t a selfish and self-destructive idiot.  And that is exactly what I will tell CPS and the cops when I testify to get the kids moved to a safer and healthier place for them.

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