That’s not Feminism

Recently I was in a position where I had to evaluate two different ideas given by two different individuals.  There were several goals that were set by a client to be met, and the client was looking for something that could be expanded later.

The first individual made the case.  The case contained a long term evaluation, was well-documented, had an easily followed flow, and accomplished all the set goals.

The second individual made the case.  While the case had a solution for the most immediate problem, it made later expansion unnecessarily difficult and not something the average user could accomplish.  Additionally, the second individual had left out a couple goals the individual did not think were that important in favor of a goal the individual thought was necessary but the client had not requested and did not need.

I took the idea offered by the first individual.

Why is this a feminist issue, you ask?

The first idea was offered by a man, the second by a woman.

Afterward, the woman confronted me about taking the idea the man had presented.  She told me that she had thought I had considered myself a feminist, and didn’t I know we girls needed to stick together?

I do consider myself a feminist.

After that conversation, I no longer consider her one.

You see, while I am aware that there is still sexism in this world, and it is still highly prevalent, what happened in that room is the end goal of feminism.  All individuals were given a seat at the table and their ideas evaluated equally purely on the merits of the idea.  Both individuals were given an equal chance to succeed or fail purely on the merits of their ideas and skills, not their possession of either penis or vagina.

And that’s the end goal.  That’s the prize.  When that attitude is universal, that means the feminists have won.

Stating I should have taken her opinion simply because she was a woman isn’t feminism.  It’s the opposite in fact.  It’s stating that I should expect less of her simply because she is a woman, and accept less from her simply because she is a woman.  And that I should do so because I too am just a woman and I shouldn’t strive to improve or grow; I shouldn’t take constructive criticism.  In short, I shouldn’t be treated as the equal of the man, but again as his inferior.  A dog that gets thrown an occasional bone to keep it happy.  That’s not feminism.

The best idea won, regardless of the appearance and gender of the person who offered it.  Score one for feminism.

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