Teachers vs Parents

par·ent    (pâr’?nt, p?r’-)

1.      One who begets, gives birth to, or nurtures and raises a child; a father or mother.
2.      An ancestor; a progenitor.
3.      An organism that produces or generates offspring.
4.      A guardian; a protector.
5.      A parent company.
6.      A source or cause; an origin: Despair is the parent of rebellion.
verb.   tr.
1.      To act as a parent to; raise and nurture: “A genitor who does not parent the child is not its parent” (Ashley Montagu).
2.      To cause to come into existence; originate.
verb.   intr.
To act as a parent.

Recently it was asked, what they are doing in the classroom 6 hours a day if they need to spend additional time on homework?

Well, here is the answer for you:

Disciplining the children of special snowflakes who think their precious can do no wrong and any attempt to control their behavior is ‘stifling their creativity’.  Dealing with kids suffering from ADD whose parents don’t believe in medicating their children cause all they need is additional attention, forgetting that there are often 35+ other kids in the class that also need attention.  Trying to drill the basics into the skulls of children who really should have been left behind a grade because they are slower learners and/or don’t care about their eduction.

Trying to stop bullies because parents are teaching their children that it’s okay to pick on whoever the parents view as ‘lessers’.  Trying to monitor children for signs of physical, mental, emotional, or sexual abuse.  (which may be the reason for the ‘in home’ visit, the teacher has suspicions regarding a couple children but doesn’t want to single them out).

Trying to teach all the ‘extras’ that parents seem to think their kids should be learning in school instead of teaching them at home, such as ethics, morals, and etiquette.  Trying to avoid accidentally exposing a child to a religion/belief system their parents don’t approve off while simultaneously stopping that child from proselytizing about the religion those same parents want to force-feed to the students.

Attempting to instill a love of learning.  Attempting to give the kids opportunities they may not get at home, such as a few minutes playing with musical instruments or the chance to be in a play.  Keeping children from being exposed to potential allergens and/or other substances the parents don’t want their child exposed to and thus claim allergy.  Handling student’s basic needs because it’s first grade and the kid isn’t completely potty-trained yet.  Handling a student’s medical needs because the school can’t afford a full-time nurse and folks are terrified a student might be on birth control and thus ban aspirin and asthma meds with ‘zero-tolerance’.

Teaching ‘mandated’ coursework that changes every year and really doesn’t matter anyway, cause, let’s face it, as soon as you graduate fifth grade if you need to know the specific date Lincoln was born you’ll be able to just go look it up.

Enforcing dress codes because some parents are offended if their kids catch a glimpse of a belly button and others think their daughters should be going to school prepared to give a lap dance.

And, if the opportunity presents itself, teaching reading, writing, and arithmetic.

There is this woman.  I hesitate to call her a parent.  The term breeder fits better.

She is barely literate.  She is proud of the fact that she refuses to attend any type of parent teacher conference and that she also tells her children they don’t have to do any homework.  It’s stressful for the poor little bambinos, ya know?  And yet, in her eyes, it is apparently the fault of the SCHOOL that her children are doing poorly.

“and for the record the great yappy fingers i agree with you 100% kids dont get to be kids anymore and this is the #1 reason homework is NOT allowed in my house till grade 7
if my DD who is 7 does not do homework will there be some catastrophic event that will occur? nope… then she does not do homework a kid needs time to be a kid
i will not go to a parent teacher interview cause all they are is time for the teach to argue with me over the way i raise my child… so why would i want to waste my time….
the public school system is a product of their own actions and its about time that they feel the repercussions of teachers in the past years that let children fall through the cracks”

Come again?  How is your child falling through the cracks anyone’s fault but yours with that attitude?  The teacher didn’t let your kid fall through the cracks.  You pushed him through the cracks.  You teach your kid it’s okay to slack off, not take responsibility, and disrespect teachers, but it’s the teacher’s fault your kid is a dipshit?

If parents would take responsibility for their children, realize that the word ‘parent’ is also a verb, and take a hand in their child’s education by, oh, here is a thought, helping kids with their homework, fewer kids would fall through the cracks.

Teachers have 30 kids in the classroom.  That means they have 29 kids besides yours.  If you don’t care, don’t make your child learn, don’t encourage your child, and teach your child that they can get by without doing any work (such as not completing their homework) the teacher then has to take time away from those other 29 kids to try to counteract that.

It isn’t the fault of the teachers that kids fall through the cracks.  It’s the fault of the parents.  Parents have options.  Teachers don’t.

NOT EVERYONE LEARNS THE SAME!  I would like to see anyone try and dispute that FACT with me
so no its a bigger picture then just not doing homework…. but the school expects everyone to conform to the little postage stamp style of learning and if you even dare to step outside the lines they want you in a modified classroom, on a modified program,  or they will get bogged down with homework… and are you ready for this?… I am not a TEACHER… I am a MOTHER and part of my job is to recognize when my children are getting to stressed and it is now affecting their mental health and physical health… so i said no more… and if you dont like the way I parent my child o well no skin off my back

Except is it my problem, because all the time the teacher has to take away from the classroom to cater to your special snowflake is time taken away from my kid’s education.  So do us all a favor, and homeschool your kid if you want to raise him to be an irresponsible retard.

If you are a parent, you dang well better be willing to be a teacher too.  It’s part of the package.  Your child’s education is more your responsibility than the schools.  As I stated, you have options, teachers don’t.  Like it or not, they are limited to a one-size-fits-all model because they have 30+ kids to handle.  So they have to either teach to the lowest student and have the whole class be struggling with See Spot Run in 6th grade or teach to the average and risk some kids falling through the cracks.

People complain that the illiteracy rate is rising then complain that their kids have to do homework or aren’t getting the ‘extra help’ they need.  If your kid needs extra help, provide it.  The teacher has 30+ other kids, only 6 hours, and no power to actually discipline the kids.  Not every child learns the same, and the teacher has 6 hours with 30 students to try to teach them all.  That often means the parents need to acknowledge that the word parent is also a verb and try to help their child find the right way to learn, because they have the power to spend an hour a day working one on one with their child and the teacher doesn’t.  The teacher has 30+ other kids that also need his/her attention.

6 hours in a school day, 30 students in a class, that means if the teacher has to give individual attention to each and every student every day, he/she is limited to 12 minutes for each student.  THAT is why your kid has homework.

The problem with schools isn’t the teachers.  It’s the parents who don’t think they should have to put any effort into their child’s education.  If your child is getting extra stress from having to do 40 minutes of homework, then you need to be working with your child, not just letting your child fall through the cracks and then try to play catch-up later on.

If your child has special needs, that’s when you, the parent, steps in and tries to help your child find a way of learning math that is comfortable with them, because, as I pointed out, the teacher has 12 minutes a day per student, any more one on one time he/she takes with your child comes out of the education of another child.

If your child is doing that poorly in a classroom environment, then you acknowledge that your child has special needs and respond accordingly, whether that be transferring your child to a school with smaller class sizes and thus more one on one time, putting your child into a special education program with people equipped to handle students with special needs, or you homeschool.

What you don’t do is blame the teacher or the school, it isn’t their fault and, sorry to say, not something they can fix without taking away from all the other students in the classroom.  And how exactly is that fair?

Yes, there are bad teachers out there.  They get to stay bad teachers because bad parents don’t take an interest in their child’s education.

© 2010, Within this mind. All rights reserved.

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