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One more post I reported

Though, I’ll be honest.  This is the report that probably got me banned.  See, there is a faculty code of conduct as well, and this post is a confession from a faculty member that he regularly violates it – “Take … Continue reading

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More examples from UoP

This is the relevant section of the student code of conduct at University of Phoenix “Harassment, sexual or otherwise, that has the effect of creating a hostile or offensive educational environment for any student, faculty, or staff member.” I received … Continue reading

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An Example of Religious Discrimination and Double Standards at University of Phoenix

At UoP, I’ve been told I’m going to hell.  I’ve been told that I am in league with Satan.  I have been told  that I am an atheist solely because I have chosen to fill my head with lies. These … Continue reading

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It never fails to intrigue me how blatant discrimination can be, even on a college campus.   Over and over again, there are threads in which Christians are allowed to say whatever they like, no matter how rude, obnoxious, or hostile … Continue reading

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Bad instructors

University of Phoenix is trying very hard to overcome the stigma of being a for-profit college.  They are not a diploma mill, yet are often tarred with the same brush. Unfortunately, their worst enemies in this struggle are often their … Continue reading

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Dealing with a bully can be traumatic even for an adult, especially when one’s basic identity is what comes under attack.  Bullying is likely to affect a pupil’s identity on both the cognitive (self-concept) and affective (self-worth) levels.  (Houbre, B., … Continue reading

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