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Right to Life?

I hear the phrase ‘right to life’ tossed about constantly as though it means something. So what is this ‘right to life’ we all have? What does this ‘right’ give us? If I need a kidney transplant, does my ‘right … Continue reading

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The idiocy of the detractors of Atheism+

In this post, I gave a brief summary of my journey to atheism – http://withinthismind.com/atheism-plus/ Here – http://freethoughtblogs.com/kagin/2012/09/04/should-atheism-take-stands-on-social-issues/#comment-8101 One idiot gave this genius response – “Then you did it wrong. Your emotional argument that you didn’t like what your religion … Continue reading

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Atheism Plus

I was raised a Christian. Upon reading the bible for myself, I noticed two things. 1 – There were large sections that just didn’t make a lot of sense, and 2 – This god entity was kind of an asshole. … Continue reading

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On Victims

Why, if you were victimized, is there an additional stigmata attached to admitting it? Why this inherent misconception that just because someone was a victim, it makes victim their defining characteristic and automatically makes it that they can’t move beyond … Continue reading

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My Point Exactly

“Society is responsible for outmoded, elitist perceptions of sexual identity,” says Debord. Therefore, capitalist neotextual theory holds that government is capable of intentionality. A number of theories concerning the bridge between class and truth exist. It could be said that … Continue reading

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An Example of Religious Discrimination and Double Standards at University of Phoenix

At UoP, I’ve been told I’m going to hell.  I’ve been told that I am in league with Satan.  I have been told  that I am an atheist solely because I have chosen to fill my head with lies. These … Continue reading

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It never fails to intrigue me how blatant discrimination can be, even on a college campus.   Over and over again, there are threads in which Christians are allowed to say whatever they like, no matter how rude, obnoxious, or hostile … Continue reading

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