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New Kids on the Block

Little boy is slightly older than little girl. Tweet

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Blaming the Victim starts young

Print Page – Who would you consider responsible for replacement_repair_ (Story post #19 Event:  Two boys are playing.  One boy grabs the other around the neck, causing the other’s necklace to break. The stance of the first boy’s mother?  The … Continue reading

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It’s over

http://www.cnn.com/2011/HEALTH/01/05/autism.vaccines/index.html?eref=mrss_igoogle_cnn It’s done.  The ‘study’ was retracted.  No more ‘well I don’t want to take the risk to vaccinate my child’.  It’s a null argument.  It’s bullshit.  It’s a LIE. From now on, your only valid reason not to vaccinate … Continue reading

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Teachers vs Parents

par·ent    (pâr’?nt, p?r’-) noun. 1.      One who begets, gives birth to, or nurtures and raises a child; a father or mother. 2.      An ancestor; a progenitor. 3.      An organism that produces or generates offspring. 4.      A guardian; a protector. 5.      … Continue reading

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Being a parent

Ever notice that the people most apt to say ‘it takes a village’ are the first to complain when you say anything to their children?  Or anything negative about their children? Apparently, all the village is supposed to do is … Continue reading

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