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Etiquette = Doormat

A woman was pulling her luggage carrier up the steps behind her.  A man came up and took it from her and carried it up the stairs, without giving her a chance to respond to him.  He then demanded money.  … Continue reading

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The Etiquette of the Social Unit

The rule of social units in etiquette states that if someone is in a serious relationship with someone else, engaged or married, you may not invite one member of the couple to a gathering without the other.  This rule is … Continue reading

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It’s polite to blame the victim

http://www.etiquettehell.com/?p=1694#comments Rape is an indiscretion. No, really.  A self-appointed etiquette maven has deemed it so. “I can’t fault the other players for simply playing by the agreed upon rules where every instance of indiscretion is rewarded with more inebriation.” And … Continue reading

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Respect and Atheism

Religious beliefs are often passed down from parent to child, making it difficult when a child seeks to buck the trend. A change of sect alone can cause family strife. Moving away from religion entirely can often lead to rifts … Continue reading

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The Etiquette of Privilege

http://www.etiquettehell.com/?p=1418&cpage=1#comment-14148 Interesting, don’t you think?  A classic case of ‘othering’, and a self-styled etiquette maven thinks that the people who are offended by this are the ones with the problem. “Some fans of this site are entirely too wound up … Continue reading

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