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C++ class notes

An algorithm is a step by step problem solving process in which a solution is reached in a finite amount of time. Structured programming involves dividing problems into smaller and smaller subprograms The maximum number of significant digits is called … Continue reading

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Metric vs Computers

A common misconception is that computer bytes and bits follow the metric system.  It’s an easy mistake to make, as they use the same terminology and the results are somewhat close, but computers use base 2 while the metric system … Continue reading

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Handy Reference Guide

The code examples are Visual Basic .Net Symbol Relation Examples > greater than Decimal.Parse(AmountTextBox.Text) > LimitDecimal CorrectInteger > 75 < less than Integer.Parse(SalesTextBox.Text) < 10000 NameTextBox.Text < NameString = equal to PasswordTextBox.Text = “101” <> not equal to FreshmanRadioButton.Checked <> … Continue reading

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