Right to Life?

I hear the phrase ‘right to life’ tossed about constantly as though it means something.

So what is this ‘right to life’ we all have? What does this ‘right’ give us?

If I need a kidney transplant, does my ‘right to life’ mean I get to take a kidney from the first compatible individual I find regardless of how they feel about it? What if it’s bone marrow? A liver? Heart? Blood?

What if it’s just food and shelter? When then do the folks that beat people over the head with the concept of ‘right to life’ also predominately show a tendency to oppose welfare? Not to mention universal health care?

As mentioned before, my husband relies on a daily dose of a particular medication for his survival. Does that mean he has a ‘right’ to that medication? It’s a couple hundred bucks a month coming out of our pocket. What about his ‘right to life’?

And on the flip side, what about the ‘right to life’ of somebody in the process of committing a violent crime? Or committing a crime that a person reasonably suspects is going to involve violence?

What about enemy combatants? Or even just folks who are ‘collateral damage’? What about their ‘right to life’? We are capable of feeding the world, but a couple hundred children have starved to death since I started writing this post. What about their ‘right to life’? For the cost of the campaign in a single state to strip women of their right of bodily autonomy, we could save a years worth of starving children. That’s over 15 million, btw.

So please, someone tell me, what exactly is ‘right to life’? Who has a ‘right to life’?

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I am a student at the University of Phoenix majoring in information technology. This is where I come to babble incoherently…err…make notes, talk about things that catch my interest, share ideas, etc...
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