Rape prevention tips

I would dearly love to know, exactly, by what percentage of my risk of rape would be reduced by taking the following tips:

1) Never drinking in public
2) Never walking alone at night
3) Never wearing ‘revealing’ clothing

Please provide me with what method you used to determine that the rape would not have occurred, just in a slightly different manner, had the above tip been followed? Peer reviewed sources only. Cite all sources. Be prepared to justify your methodology

Prove that these tips will actually provide a statistically significant reduction of rape, or stop claiming they are tips for risk mitigation. Show what reduction benefits they actually provide so they can be ‘prioritized’.

Make sure your proof accounts for the fact that these ‘tips’ are followed in countries like, oh, Afghanistan, Iraq, and Saudi Arabia, three countries on the ‘ten worst countries for women’ list.

You claim these ‘mitigate risk’. Prove it. Once and for all, PROVE these ‘safety tips’ actually provide any sort of worthwhile ‘mitigation of risk’, or quite frankly, shut up about their supposed benefits.

Do this actual research.

Because you know what you will find when you do?

That these ‘safety tips’ don’t actually help at all. That many are contradictory, all are unreasonable, and none provide any sort of statistically significant reduction benefits.

How are they unreasonable?

Let’s start with a simple one, okay?

Don’t walk alone at night.

Simple, straight, and it’s protective benefits are ‘clear’, right?

First off, let’s check your privilege.

Let’s look at the economy, cost of buying a vehicle, and public transportation. You are in college, you own no home, you own no car. There is nobody from whom you can borrow a vehicle.  Your entire current assets amount to approximately $700.  You currently have no place to live.  There is an apartment in the city within walking distance of your college and of a job that would pay your bills and eventually allow you to save up to buy a car. It is the only job available that will work with your college schedule. You would get off work at midnight. Public transportation is unreliable at best and ends at 9pm anyway.

Now, go back to that ‘safety tip’.

Is that safety tip still a reasonable thing to ask?

You think so?

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