One more post I reported

Though, I’ll be honest.  This is the report that probably got me banned.  See, there is a faculty code of conduct as well, and this post is a confession from a faculty member that he regularly violates it –

“Take a look at Genesis 1:2. God created light and saw it was good. He separated the light
from the dark. He called the light day and dark night. “And there was evening, and there
was morning-THE FIRST DAY!”
If He did this the first day and created our daylight and our night time, would this not be our
standard 24 hours? Unless you live in Alaska or the North Pole, most days and nights occur
within the same 24 hour period.
I teach a World Religions (134) class for Univ. of Phoenix. I always ask my students how
old the Earth appears to be. Many stated the standard millions of years. Then I ask how
old Adam and Eve appeared to be when created. I usually get early twenties. I then ask,
“If God created man and woman to appear to be in their twenties, yet they were only a few
seconds old, then could He not create Earth to appear to be millions of years old, yet only be
a few thousand instead?
I then get into evolution and discuss trial and error according to survival of the fittest. If it
takes many generations of evolution for something that is not quite perfected in animals,
then explain the occurance of blood clotting (coagulation). Since it had not been perfected
in early animal life (according to evolution) there should be no life left, since once an animal
cuts itself or gives birth, the evolutionary process of clotting would not have come about yet
and the animal would have bled to death.”

What is an easier way to solve the problem, enforce the code of conduct, or silence the complainer?  I can tell you which one University of Phoenix chose.

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