On Guns

I own guns.  I use guns.  I have a concealed carry permit and do sometimes carry concealed.  I have actually drawn and fired my weapon in self defense and killed the target for which I was aiming with a single well-placed shot to the head.  I do hunt, though for hunting I prefer to use a bow.

And it is my considered opinion that the vast majority of the US does not need to own guns.  And nobody needs to own an automatic.  Few need to own a semi-automatic.  Nobody needs a high-powered rifle.  Absolutely nobody needs a handgun that can penetrate the average front door of a house.

Guns should at be at least as inconvenient to own as cars. You must pass a test that shows you know how to use one before you are given the license that allows you to use one. Your license can be suspended at anytime should you operate one in a manner even remotely unsafe. You must be retested at set intervals to ensure you are still able to utilize one properly. You must register and pay taxes on all firearms you own. If you take your guns out of your gun safe, you must be able to show that you have paid insurance on said firearms should any ‘accidents’ occur. You must produce your license, gun registration, and proof of insurance upon request by any LEO when having said firearms outside your gun safe. Being in possession of a firearm while under the effects of any mind-altering substance will result in your ‘right’ to possess a firearm being revoked for a minimum of one year up to however long it takes you to grow the fuck up.  Firing your gun in the air in public should be grounds for immediate revocation of your firearm license until you complete a firearm safety course which should cost you at least your average monthly available funds to take.  Carrying your firearm in public without being able to demonstrate you were either on your way home, to a gun range, to go hunting, or other actually valid reason should net you a ticket of at least $200.

Yes, that sucks.  Yes, it’s inconvenient.  Yes, it’s annoying that75% of gun owners give the rest of us a bad name. But that’s life.  Deal.  Or figure out a way to fix the part of the human brain that makes them be chronic dumbshits.

© 2012, Within this mind. All rights reserved.

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I am a student at the University of Phoenix majoring in information technology. This is where I come to babble incoherently…err…make notes, talk about things that catch my interest, share ideas, etc...
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