More examples from UoP

This is the relevant section of the student code of conduct at University of Phoenix

“Harassment, sexual or otherwise, that has the effect of creating a hostile or offensive educational environment for any student, faculty, or staff member.”

I received a ban from UoP’s ‘Phoenix Connect’ for making ‘false reports’.

Here is a sample of stuff I reported, all of which came from the main discussion forum (there is a campus ministry forum, I stay out of it):

My post stated “if any complex system requires an ‘intelligent designer’, who ‘intelligently designed’ god?”

This was the response – “Please. How could you possibility hold the higher intellectual ground when reasoning seems
to be not an option among you? On one hand, you hold to evolution and spontaneous
generation “for all” but you mock that it could happen for one? Really? So there could not
possibly be a God? Again, let’s try to think here: how do you know that a god did not evolve
after being created through spontaneous generation? It is more likely to happen for one than
for many. Isn’t it? Oh, I see, you are too interested in attempting to put other downs to think
rationally. If you were able to think rationally you would understand the nonsensical nature of
your “reasoning.”
Attempting to put others down shows a lack of maturity and intellectual stability…which is
backed up by your posts.”

Some others I reported –

“Man/Woman should have a hire standard because
of that simple fact and true Gay/Lesbian that are honest would agree that they are not equal
to God’s spiritual law. And, its not just a christian thing for muslims, jews, buddist, etc., all
agree that these acts or wrong. America should also stay out of other countries business on
how they should live. The nation of Uganda said afew months ago that homosexuals will be
put to death, in Uganda’s eyes they are living by God’s law and should be respected. Mrs.
Clinton had the nerve to tell the Uganda’s government that America will stop sending money,
etc., if they continue with that decision. America shoull leave other countries alone and stop
being a dictator towards these countries that choose not to be westernized. Uganda is living
for the most part to God’s Law in this matter. And, it does not make them bad people for
having there own belief system. We must remember that through the womb of woman is
where all nations are created, and this takes a man to continue God’s reproduction of life.”


“Why stopp with gay couples who want to get married.
If it is based on love, then why is polygamy illegal? what if a brother and sister love
eachother? then shouldn’t they be allowed to get married. What if a 40 year old man loves
a 14 year old girl? should they also be allowed to get married. Shouldn’t the Government
protect the rights of all these others.”


“I am a born again Christian and do not believe in a gay lifestyle as I do not believe that it is a gene that makes you gay. The problem is that they are pushing for people to embrace their lifestyle like we as Christians should be spreading the gospel…With that stated, I believe that it is our responsibility as Christians to stand up and not silence but quiet this movement. Christians are the ones that need to stand up for this country and return it back to what this country was founded upon.”


“I think everyone forgets how to problem solve when we meet these…social
nightmares.  Gay…”


“The bible strongly and clearly talks about homosexual activity in many places.
Homosexuality is clearly a sin and something that the bible is consistent on. It is flat out
wrong and should not be accepted by any biblical Christians, period.
No Christian can stop the state from allowing gays to marry; however, I know that I as one
am not going to condone or support it. If they do it on their own that is between them and
God, but I am not going to lend my hand or cast my vote to allow two people to get even
more comfortable in their sin.
It is the same thing as other sins, if someone wants to murder someone are we always going
to be able to stop them? Of course not.
If someone is a habitual liar, are we going to be able to stop them? No
If someone is a fornicator, are we going to be able to stop them? No
If someone is an adulterer, are we going to be able to stop them? No
You get where I am going here… I support free will, but I will never support
someone sinning against God in any circumstance. Gay marriage makes our
country an even worse place with more sin out in the open.
You say “I will continually pray for them, but I will not stand up and say that they shouldn’t be married.” But
part of being a Christian is standing up against sin, not being ok with it because
it doesn’t directly affect you.
With all that said, I think it is a good thing that you are praying for them and being loving. But
I think that condoning any kind of sin just because it is accepted by our culture and society is
Matthew 7:13-14 says: 13“Enter by the narrow gate. For the gate is wide and the
way is easy that leads to destruction, and those who enter by it are many. 14For
the gate is narrow and the way is hard that leads to life, and those who find it are
Opposing sin and standing against what the world thinks is “right” and what “it
should be” is hard; it is the narrow gate, but wide is that gate that is easy and
that many follow.
1 Corinthians 6:9 – Or do you not know that the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of
God? Do not be deceived: neither the sexually immoral, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor
men who practice homosexuality.
I find it hard to see how a Christian could stand by a sin that will send someone to hell and
condone it..”


“People that practice homosexuality are living in sin. I don’t see them any different from
fornicators, adulterers, or any other biblically identified sexual sin. There are going to be
repercussions for a sinful lifestyle. If someone practices homosexuality, they chose to sin, no
one forces them to act on their sinful impulses. What they deal with is because they chose to sin,
there is a way out, and the way out is Jesus Christ. I care very much, and would love for ALL to
come to repentance, I hate seeing people live in constant sin.”


“Anyone can do anything, pedophiles can get married, murderers can get married, sex offenders can get

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