Gun Control

Frankly, I don’t think anyone needs to own an automatic weapon or a high-powered handgun. I think ‘assault rifles’ (I have issues with how they are classified rather than the concept, but define as – guns designed solely to kill people for the purpose of this discussion rather than ‘guns that look scary’ as they are more often defined) should not be owned by anyone outside of the military/police and even then should have some limitations and regulations of their usage.

Especially in the cities, I don’t think anyone needs to own a handgun whose bullets can travel through a person and a wall to kill another person. For certain police applications (such as SWAT), a higher powered gun can be authorized. A small handgun, such as mine, is more than sufficient for situation where needing a gun could arise. It can take out raccoons, rattlesnakes, coyotes, and if absolutely necessary and I had no other choice, a human being. It will not, however, turn anything into an unrecognizable greasy smear or travel through solid core oak doors to kill some poor person on the other side, as are the the things I hear folks brag about with their big handguns.

I also think anyone seeking to purchase a firearm must take a comprehensive safety course that does contain a bit of psychological evaluation (anyone talking about popping a cap in someone automatically fails, for starters). And I believe anyone owning a firearm must periodically show up at a shooting range to prove they know how to handle the gun or have their ownership rights terminated. I think it’s currently way to easy to get concealed carry and I think anyone who does want a concealed carry permit needs to be at the gun range every six months having their ability to handle a firearm questioned.

I think background checks are vital and I think hefty fines + jail time should be in the future of any gun seller who skimps on doing the background checks.

I think anyone firing their gun off into the air should serve a mandatory six month jail sentence with absolutely no possibility of time off for good behavior. And frankly, I’d be fine bringing back public stocks for that kind of stupid jackassery. If they do so in a public area or within city limits, I’m fine with charging them with attempted murder because to be blunt, that’s pretty much exactly what it is.  Maybe a good flogging too?

But don’t mind me. I’m just a gun nut.

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