Dumbest thing I’ve read this week

The state owes prostitutes and their families (I am thinking specifically of their children) an immediate escape from prostitution in terms of social services, housing, jobs and physical protection, and absolutely ferocious, aggressive prosecution of those who hurt them. It does not owe them a safe way to engage in selling sex because…to participate in prostitution when there is a real, meaningful exit is to willingly participate in the belief that men should be able to buy access to our bodies–and that is wrong. If you insist on doing that despite having real options, at some point you have to face the fact that you are choosing to be vulnerable to the violence and cruelty and degradation that are absolutely inherent in prostitution.

Yep, that’s someone saying if a person chooses to work in the sex trade, the law is not obligated to protect them and it’s their own damn fault for putting themselves in that position.  Note – this person lumps all porn (all porn, not just gonzo, not just illegally produced, not even porn designed for male audiences, but ALL porn) in with prostitution.

And if you disagree with her, you either A) are getting off on the fact that there are women forced into prostitution/porn that are raped and tortured, or B) suffering from PTSD due to being a rape victim.

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