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I often post my notes here for my team/class mates to use.  While the notes are accurate and I try to spell / use proper grammar, they have not generally been edited for readability.  They are more or less exactly as I jotted them down from the lecture/reading assignment.

As such, it should also be noted that the content of posts in this category are not original work and though I do generally paraphrase, I’m lax on citations and some of the phrasing is word for word.  Using these notes directly as a source will probably result in you getting busted for plagiarism.  As my classmates, you should know how to cite the course text/lecturer/video/etc…  If you aren’t a classmate and find the notes helpful, they came from a UoP text, Element K course, a guest lecturer, or something on ITunes U.

Actual works are properly cited or original.

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