Childish Violence

When I was nine, I had a friend who liked to punctuate her sentences by slapping people on the arms and shoulders.  She thought she was being playful. It hurt.  While it never left bruises, there would often be a red mark that took time to fade.  She especially did it to the boys she thought were cute.

We all asked her to stop, on multiple occasions.  She giggled and thought it was funny.  One day she did it to me when I was in a particularly bad mood, and rather than protest, I hit her back.

“Ow”, she said.  “That hurt.”

“I know,” was my response before walking away.

She never hit me again.  A couple others threatened to do the same and she stopped the habit entirely.

A couple years later I witnessed a similar situation.  This time, it was a girl constantly smacking a friend of mine that happened to be a boy.  I advised him to do what I had done, and his response was ‘boys don’t hit girls’.  So, the next time she did it, I smacked her.  We had a similar conversation, and she left us both alone afterwards.

It’s hypocritical to think that girls hitting boys is acceptable, especially when trying to teach boys that they shouldn’t hit girls.  Girls are fully capable of being bullies, and hitting is bullying behavior.  It’s not cute.  It’s not funny.  It’s bullying.  Call it by it’s proper name, and call it so every time you see it.

Adult women should already know better.  Unfortunately, some don’t.  They especially should be called out on their bullying behavior, and have it pointed out to them how childish it is to not understand that hitting people isn’t cool.

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