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Trust Management in Online Banking

A trusted system is one that meets the expectation of risk.   The system performs as expected, keeping risks within the accepted boundaries.  This enables the system to meet the desired level of confidentiality, integrity, and availability of the organization.  In … Continue reading

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Role Management

Role based access control provides additional layers of organizational security against both errors and fraud.  This method must be used sensibly and planned properly to be most effective.  A properly determined role based access control model can mitigate or eliminate … Continue reading

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Computer Disposal Paper

There are many parts of the computer that can be hazardous to the environment in addition to simply taking up space in landfills.  According to the Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality, recycling and reusing electronic equipment reduces the amount of … Continue reading

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Installing a Hard Drive

Determine if your drive needs to be PATA, SATA, SCSI, or if the drive is a dedicated RAID controller. Motherboards with built-in RAID controllers should have a CMOS setting that enables the RAID to be turned on or off. If … Continue reading

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Replacing a Processor and CPU fan

Make sure your intended replacement CPU will work with your motherboard.  Your motherboard manual will include the socket type used by the computer.  Make sure the CPU chosen will fit in the socket. Prepare your work area by turning off … Continue reading

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Basic instructions for replacing a motherboard

1 – Determine the motherboard needed. What CPU is being used? Is it the correct form factor for the case? Do you have the motherboard specific manual available? 2 – Prepare your work area. Have an anti-static wrist strap properly … Continue reading

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C++ class notes

An algorithm is a step by step problem solving process in which a solution is reached in a finite amount of time. Structured programming involves dividing problems into smaller and smaller subprograms The maximum number of significant digits is called … Continue reading

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