Boobs at the table

I tried to join a new gaming group last month.  One of the guys at the table was just short of openly hostile to me.  When confronted later, his justification for his behavior was ‘boobs at the table make me uncomfortable’.

This is my new dice bag:

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About Kinda Strange

I am a student at the University of Phoenix majoring in information technology. This is where I come to babble incoherently…err…make notes, talk about things that catch my interest, share ideas, etc...
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2 Responses to Boobs at the table

  1. ThetarNo Gravatar says:

    On Pharyngula today you said “The last pitter that commented on my blog said they ‘hope I get raped’ and also that ‘your stupid crack-baby dies’.”

    I can’t see that comment on this blog, there are hardly any comments. If you deleted it, how do you know it was from a “pitter”?

  2. Kinda StrangeNo Gravatar says:

    Because it identified itself as a pitter, and the first half of it’s mindless rant was about how the ‘brave heroes’ at the pit had explained to everyone why terms like ‘cunt’ and ‘bitch’ and ‘twat’ were merely cultural terms of affection.

    Yes, there are hardly any comments, because I use spam-filters and manually approve comments and don’t feel like giving trolls a forum.

    I perma-ban those I do catch, which is apparently how Lee ended up banned and with his feelings all hurted when he did finally decide he wanted to ‘dialogue’.