Blaming the Victim starts young

Print Page – Who would you consider responsible for replacement_repair_ (Story post #19

Event:  Two boys are playing.  One boy grabs the other around the neck, causing the other’s necklace to break.

The stance of the first boy’s mother?  The other boy shouldn’t be wearing semi-expensive jewelry to school if the parents are not prepared or willing to assume the liability.  The mother is annoyed because her husband offered to pay restitution for the item his son broke.  The mother thinks the blame for the situation lies on the boy who dared to have something nice.

And suddenly, all the MRA folks who use the defense of ‘she shouldn’t have been wearing that sort of skirt, what did she expect’ suddenly becomes clear.  It starts young.  ‘Of course it wasn’t your fault you broke the other child’s toy, boys will be boys, it’s expected, and if zie didn’t want it broken, zie wouldn’t have had it where you could break it.’

Once the kids have this internalized, it’s a small step to MRA behavior.

Print Page – Who would you consider responsible for replacement_repair_ (Story post #19)

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