Bad instructors

University of Phoenix is trying very hard to overcome the stigma of being a for-profit college.  They are not a diploma mill, yet are often tarred with the same brush.

Unfortunately, their worst enemies in this struggle are often their own instructors.

My psychology instructor, for example, gave an assignment worth 10 points.  2 of those points were earned just for handing in the assignment on time, 2 were for spelling, and 2 were for grammar.  No, really.  If all I had done was turn in the blank assignment form, I would have still managed to get a 60% on the assignment.

And when it was pointed out this was ridiculous, he commented that a major teaching point of the class was that in all academic writing it is crucial that all project/assignment specifications be adhered to exactly.  Remember, this is a psychology course, not an intro to college or English course.  This is why, if your responses in the back and forth format of the class forum happened to be below 200 words or above 300 words, even by a few, you would receive zero credit.  He was so adamant about this, in fact, that he would spend time copy-pasting your response into Microsoft Word rather than just using the forum provided word count tool.  He spent so much time worrying about word count that he actually handed assignments back to the wrong students.

If you complained, he’d condescend to you in a level I haven’t experienced since a kindergarten instructor was pulled in as a substitute teacher in my AP chemistry course.

And if you registered a problem with this, he’d retaliate against you by filing a complaint with UoP that you violated the Code of Conduct by having an ‘inappropriate tone’ when speaking to him.

Note to my fellow UoP students, if you decide to take an Intro to Psychology class and are assigned Robert Hodges as your instructor, don’t bother.  Drop the course.  You’ll be actively discouraged and penalized for attempting any kind of in depth back and forth discussion on the pros and cons of psychological theories.  That’s right, if you want to discuss a theory with your classmate, a theory that people have written thousand page books on, you have to make sure you don’t accidentally use 301 words to do so.  Or you’ll be penalized and told you obviously have no idea how the professional or academic worlds work (no matter that you may have a decade of experience in professional fields and be a published author).

Of course, if you use spell-check when typing your paper and are willing to do only a bare minimum of work (and not a hair more), an A in his class will be easy.  So easy, in fact, that one could say you pretty much just purchased it outright.

I suppose it’s my own fault.  I should never have taken an introductory course in Psychology in the first place.  Silly me, thinking that it having been almost a decade since my last Psychology course meant I should start at the beginning again rather than trust to my memory.

I mean, sheesh.  I wrote more difficult papers in my Junior High classes than were required in this class.

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