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The Market System and Circular Flow

Every society needs to develop an economic system which is a particular set of institutional arrangements and according mechanism, in order to respond to the economizing problem. The command system, which is also known as socialism or communism, is the … Continue reading

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Limits, alternatives, and choices

Scarce economic resources can mean limited goods and services, as scarcity restricts options and demands choices.  TANSTAAFL – There ain’t no such thing as a free lunch.  Opportunity costs – to obtain more of one thing, the opportunity to get … Continue reading

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The idiocy of the detractors of Atheism+

In this post, I gave a brief summary of my journey to atheism – Here – One idiot gave this genius response – “Then you did it wrong. Your emotional argument that you didn’t like what your religion … Continue reading

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On abortion and women’s rights

Note – The more accurate term of ‘forced-birther’ is used on this blog. One side believes women are people with the right to make decisions regarding their mental and physical well-being and their body as a whole. The other side … Continue reading

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Atheism Plus

I was raised a Christian. Upon reading the bible for myself, I noticed two things. 1 – There were large sections that just didn’t make a lot of sense, and 2 – This god entity was kind of an asshole. … Continue reading

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