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The Etiquette of Privilege Interesting, don’t you think?  A classic case of ‘othering’, and a self-styled etiquette maven thinks that the people who are offended by this are the ones with the problem. “Some fans of this site are entirely too wound up … Continue reading

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Selection and Acquisition (Electronic Health Records)

According to HIMSS (2010), “The Electronic Health Record (EHR) is a longitudinal electronic record of patient health information generated by one or more encounters in any care delivery setting.”  The record is kept in a digital format that can be shared across … Continue reading

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The problem with sitcoms

I was flipping channels, and I started to notice a pattern. In sitcom 1, we have a white cast.  There are a couple minority folks on the peripherals that serve mainly as ‘token’ minorities in a failed attempt to ‘legitimize’ … Continue reading

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Health Information Technology Evolution: Telemedicine

Health Information Technology (HIT) is a growing and changing field in today’s hi-tech world.  Numerous advances in technology have led to improved systems and devices for patient care.  Telemedicine allows for medical information to be transmitted from one location to … Continue reading

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Good Math Resources Tweet

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PCs vs Mainframes

According to Encyclopedia Britannica, a mainframe computer is a digital computer designed for high-speed data processing with heavy use of input/output units such as large-capacity disks and printers. They have been used for such applications as payroll computations, accounting, business … Continue reading

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Internet Operating Systems

In April 2002, Tim O’Reilly spoke of “the emergent Internet operating system” as an open collection of Web services.  Among these web services are search engines, logs, instant messengers, email, file sharing, wireless networks, grid computing, and web spidering.  There … Continue reading

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