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SR-mf-003, Mortgage Payment Calculator #20

‘Programmer: Me ‘Class: POS/409 ‘Project:Mortgage Payment Calculator – Change Request #20 ‘   Write the program in VB.Net (not Web based) with a graphical user interface. ‘   Have the user input the amount of the mortgage, the term of the mortgage … Continue reading

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Visual Basic Naming Conventions

Prefix Object Type Example ——————————————————- ani Animation button aniMailBox bed Pen Bedit bedFirstName cbo Combo box and drop down list box cboEnglish chk Checkbox chkReadOnly clp Picture clip clpToolbar cmd (3d) Command button (3D) cmdOk (cmd3dOk) com Communications comFax ctr … Continue reading

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Don’t talk to the cops


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I am GEEK!


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Odds of dying in a terrorist attack in my lifetime 1 in 88,000 of a terrorist attack 1 in 1,500,00 of a terrorist-caused shopping mall disaster assuming one such incident a week and you shop two hours a week 1 … Continue reading

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